EASYMED INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a private Limited company of Bangladesh.

The company has been established in 2014 to dedicate itself to healthcare products and services, involving import, sales, marketing, distribution and supply in private and government Healthcare procurement instances in Bangladesh. The company primarily specializing in Biomedical and Surgical items, and is ready to ensure high quality customer service and support, a very important key to success in this business.

The company is managed by highly motivated professionals with expert knowledge and specialization in modern healthcare/industrial product sales and marketing with after sales customer services i.e. Engineering & Technical Support. Although the company is new, the appointed staffs are well experienced and able to handle most of the basic and some advanced systems. The office is well equipped with all modern communication systems and service facilities. It is centrally located in a prime commercial area in Dhaka Bangladesh.


WE HELP OUR CUSTOMERS CREATE A HEALTHIER AND SAFER WORLD by providing innovative healthcare and life science products and services around the country.

  • We serve our customers to every corner of the country.

  • High-end facilities and infrastructure.

  • High-quality, time & cost saving products.

  • Hands-on technical support whenever required.